Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. It goes beyond simply having certain personality traits and aptitude; the ability to apply those traits in the right way and in the right space is what makes an entrepreneur successful. David Goggins is a perfect example of someone who has all these traits. He was once very depressed, afraid of water and weighed 300 pounds, but he stopped letting his fears get in the way and his mentality made a full 180 and completely transformed.

You're born to be the kind of entrepreneur you should be. You can be a scammer or a copycat, a buyer or an innovator. There are many different types of entrepreneurs, and you have what it takes to be a successful one. You just need the right skills and conditions to help you succeed.

To some extent, many entrepreneurs have certain qualities or characteristics since birth. Supporters argue that you can't teach or learn entrepreneurship in something so ingrained in personality. The qualities of the arguments of “entrepreneurs are born” are often based on personality traits or characteristics closely associated with such traits, such as decisiveness, energy, extreme passion, strong will, intuition, persistence, persuasion, risk-taking, and tenacity. Theo Paphitis from BBC's Dragons' Den business program says there are different levels of business.

A less formal survey on business beliefs found that only 1 percent of entrepreneurs surveyed believed that higher education played any role in shaping their entrepreneurial mindset. On the other hand, children who grow up in families with entrepreneurs are much more likely to become entrepreneurs because they have not been taught to fear risks. I did some research (well, a lot) and found some interesting studies on the topic of whether successful entrepreneurs are born or made. Entrepreneurs need to convince customers to buy their product or invest their companies through the method of integrity, so that they make profits and funds for their business.

Someone takes tests and is automatically referred to as an entrepreneur and someone who creates businesses. From my experience, I think there are five main traits that mean that you have the skills when it comes to building a business and living the life of an entrepreneur: empathy, persistence, comfort with uncertainty and risk tolerance; charisma; risk-taking capacity; creativity; and communication skills. To win at the top of the chain, to succeed in the business world and in any field, you have to be born with talent. Along the way, every successful entrepreneur has learned new traits which makes mentoring an absolute must.

The great success of New Oriental makes Yu Min Hong one of the biggest entrepreneurs in China, and his teaching method spans the country. I think the reason Williams was able to be so successful is that he applied his natural entrepreneurial traits (nature) to what they were destined for (music). In conclusion, entrepreneurs are both born and made. They have certain qualities or characteristics since birth but also need to learn new traits along the way in order to be successful.

They need to have charisma, risk-taking capacity, creativity and communication skills as well as empathy, persistence, comfort with uncertainty and risk tolerance.

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