Become a successful entrepreneur

Not just enchanted by the prospect of receiving a return for great ideas, but also taking the time to reflect on margins and ROI. According to Entrepreneurship Essentials, entrepreneurs “recruit people and invest money to determine if customers will indeed value the product and they can produce and deliver it at an acceptable cost. Taking the free F4S assessment can also help you pinpoint exactly what motivates you (and what drains you) so you can pick a business that aligns perfectly with your passions. The journey wasn’t a smooth one – her driver had to stop the streetcar every now and again, so he could get out and wipe off the snow that collected on the windshield.

What makes an entrepreneur become successful?

In the HBS Online course Entrepreneurship Essentials, entrepreneurship is defined as “the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources currently controlled. When I think of what makes an entrepreneur successful, I reflect on my father’s journey as an entrepreneur. This discomfort especially plagues my generation and is the driver, I believe, behind the growing interest in entrepreneurship. These are positive changes because they have allowed entrepreneurs to do more of what they want by being efficient with their time and finding the right people to do the things they used to do.

And while that's true, there are certain characteristics and skills that are particularly important for entrepreneurs to have when starting and leading a venture.

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