Can Entrepreneurship Be Taught and Learned or Is It Something You Are Born With?

Yes, people can learn to become entrepreneurs, but they must possess the innate ability to learn things faster than others. You can acquire certain leadership skills, but most cannot be taught. There are those who still insist that entrepreneurship cannot be taught. They argue that it is confusing, uncertain and unpredictable, and thus there is no single method or map to impart to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially if the teacher has no experience in the business world. Entrepreneurship is a team effort, not an individual one, and you can only learn by doing it in the real world.

The skills that an entrepreneur needs to succeed go beyond business skills that are “easy to teach in the classroom” (e.g. finance, accounting, and economics) and include personal skills such as leadership and management, which are best learned through experience. Entrepreneurial skills can be taught; entrepreneurial qualities such as determination and risk tolerance are innate. There are more business education courses and programs than ever before, and demand for them continues to grow. You need to be knowledgeable about how to improve business education in the best possible way, and you need to be willing to put things into practice with consistency and focus.

Tina Seelig, a Stanford professor and bestselling author on innovative entrepreneurship, believes that entrepreneurship can be taught, just like other skills people learn in school. Many people used to think that entrepreneurship could not be taught; they believed that it was too different from other subjects, and that much of the success of entrepreneurs could be attributed to innate personality traits (see studies on entrepreneurial mentality here and here). These tools and programs have revolutionized business education by finding a more realistic way to support entrepreneurs, rather than the older and more passive methods of “researching and writing a business plan” to teach entrepreneurship. White explained how entrepreneurship programs can help people build on what is already part of their inner makeup. I agree with this statement; I wouldn't have been able to understand the true meaning of being rudimentary without seeing how my family members rolled up their sleeves and worked hard over and over again to make their businesses successful.

As a native of Ukraine, I knew I needed to learn how to navigate the cultural differences involved in a typical business transaction. Running a business is difficult; learning how to become an effective entrepreneur is like mastering any new skill. The question you should ask yourself is not if entrepreneurship can be learned, but if it is something you really want for yourself. According to some people, entrepreneurship can be carried out in higher education institutions and high schools, and many institutions have launched entrepreneurship programs in academic sessions.

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