What are the 5 best things you must do to motivate yourself?

I have made a list of the ten things that successful people do to motivate themselves, understand their why. Focus on the big picture. Have the time of your life. Receive a free weekly update by email here.

Exercise provides levels of mental clarity like no other. If you can't go to the gym, follow the home workout videos on YouTube or stream fitness classes on apps like Peloton. If you prefer to do cardio outdoors, go for a run. Having a target date not only helps you stay motivated, but it also helps you track your progress, you always know how much further you have to move forward.

This can have a big impact on your performance. But over the years I have found solutions to this common problem. If you don't feel motivated or excited, then act like it. The power to choose and simply reframe your language to “CHOOSE” can be incredibly empowering and exactly the motivating language you need to hear.

Think of it this way, it's not worth reviewing your stack of motivation tools when it takes 3 hours to generate motivation for a half-hour task. Most importantly, they can help you get out of a hurry and get back to being productive as you learn to increase motivation. Comparing what you have and your results with what other people have achieved and achieved can really kill your motivation, as it increases your self-doubt. In addition to detecting weight, having a friend can motivate you to work hard when you would normally quit smoking.

Knowing how to motivate yourself will require the most effort at first because this is where systems are implemented. Computers that are too slow, inefficient applications, or a car that breaks down all the time can kill your motivation. But it can also lessen the lack of motivation that usually occurs when most of that enthusiasm has dissipated. Now, when that obstacle appears, instead of losing motivation and feeling deflated, you have a plan to keep the momentum going.

If you tell yourself that “You HAVE to do this or “YOU MUST do that or “YOU SHOULD do this”, you can weaken your motivation. If you're really struggling to motivate yourself, consider asking a close friend or family member for help. If your biggest area of zero motivation is cleaning your house, the job isn't going to be done by watching 50 YouTube channels that tell you how to clean. Head to their free Financial Freedom Coaching group for daily motivational tips, high-value articles and business tips.

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